Human Resources

As the most senior member of the HR team, Brenda has a wealth of knowledge about her company’s policies and procedures. She is involved in recruitment, training, meetings at all levels, staff leave, event planning, and much more. Unfortunately for Brenda, this makes her the ‘go-to’ person for anything even remotely related to these areas. Every day she fields questions from all areas of the business by email, phone and in person. On top of this she’s often copied in on emails ‘just in case’. Her workload is growing by the day and Brenda is beginning to report feeling increased stress at work, while resentment for her colleagues is beginning to grow. Fortuitously the company brings in TeamKnit software.

At first Brenda was hesitant to use the new product, having seen many changes come and go in her time, but it wasn’t long before she started to reap the benefits. She began to collate frequently asked questions in the Knowledge Sharing tool, allowing staff to find the answers to their queries without involving her directly, thus reducing the phone calls and emails received. She uploaded policy and procedure documents using the shared Files tool and began directing people to it where possible. Emails were reduced due to staff now communicating with each other through TeamKnit’s Messenger and being prompted to consider who was essential to the conversation. She even reduced the time she spent chasing up RSVPs for the annual Christmas Party through the Business Social function! Brenda was free to concentrate on her own workload, and once again enjoy the company of her team and colleagues. TeamKnit software increased knowledge sharing across the business by 75% and employee engagement by 72%.