Adam is the Marketing Manager, his team take care of over 50 clients. Lately he’s noticed that they’re not keeping up with their workload. Morale is low, absence is high, and productivity has gone through the floor. Wanting to nip these negative behaviours in the bud before it has a knock-on effect to the rest of the business, Adam spends a few hours with some of his team members to get a feel for their average day. He’s shocked to see how much time is spent tracking down data specific to each client. Emails, print-outs, handwritten notes, .pdf .doc .xls documents, it’s spread out across multiple channels. Adam’s team are losing around 40% of their working day just trying to find the information they need.

Eager to shake things up, Adam installs the TeamKnit software across his department. After an initial transference period, the change is dramatic. Through the project & task Manager , relevant employees can create streams dedicated to a particular client, broken down into subtasks if necessary. On ONE screen, any relevant files, activities and conversations related to that task can be viewed. At a glance his team can now see what tasks they have coming up, how far through it they are, what the deadline is, and at the click of a button access everything they need to push forward with it. With these new processes in place, Adam’s team doubled its task completion rate compared to the months prior.