How a process turned into a simple & powerful tool


It's sad but it's true that at workplaces stress levels are going up and inter-team relationships are fraught which result in low productivity and a huge loss in profits. Two years ago TeamKnit (TK) team first introduced Productivity Re-engineering Process (PRP) to enhance workforce productivity. Productivity Re-engineering Process (PRP) flows from research and experiments by some of America’s leading universities, top HR consulting firms, world-class management gurus, and the creators of TeamKnit (TK). Productivity Re-engineering Process (PRP) focuses on improving four important elements within the organization. These are communication, execution, engagement and knowledge, we call this CEEK. Right after implementing Productivity Re-engineering Process (Improving CEEK) the majority of the companies saw a substantial increase in workforce productivity. Feedback revealed following results. Increased productivity 47%, reduced cost 33%, increased employee engagement 56% and increased knowledge sharing 36%. During Productivity Re-engineering Process (PRP) implementation as TeamKnit (TK) team quantified and analyzed the data, it began to self-organize into a strong need for a robust system that follows (PRP) and enhances Communication, Execution, Engagement & Knowledge (CEEK). After months of research, TeamKnit was invented and every single feature was carefully developed. Majority of TeamKnit customers which includes 3rd largest retail chain in the world managed to achieve following results. Increased productivity 63%, reduced cost 64%, increase employee engagement 72% and increase knowledge sharing 67%. (Almost doubled) TeamKnit is also known as Productivity Re-engineering Solution that integrates team communication, team tasks & projects tracking, employee engagement and knowledge sharing modules.

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