Why to encourage your Employees to Socialize


Did you know that the average employee works 2.75 hours during their workday?

Now, I know that you, the reader of this article, is likely a highly motived, type A, self-directed, go getter, but sadly not all folks with a J-O-B have the same drive. You might think “With or without drive, they should be getting their job done, right!” Right! And, on average because each manager has such limited bandwidth we only check in with employees on a few occasion:

  1. When they come to us for help;
  2. When we assign them a task;
  3. When that task is due (unless we received it in our in basket, timely and without errors).

Other than that, our expectation is that they are diligently working. Unfortunately, they are doing anything but working. Instead of accomplishing tasks and engaging with colleagues, they are paying their billings, hanging out on social media, taking breaks, and yes, even hiding in the bathroom. Anything to not have to deal with the task at hand because truly, no one notices until a deadline and/or budget is missed. What if each day your workforce became a force to be reckoned with? I encourage my teams to communicate on their progress daily in time and dollars. I want to know the status of each project (and sometime a specific task) each day as a leader because the last thing I need is a surprise – missed budgets, missed deadline, fire drills. Sometimes, it’s as easy as facilitating an appreciation lunch, when we’re in a crunch with a quick poll. I implement the right tool for engaging teams, monitoring tasks and projects, and systemizing processes for efficiency. The client results are clear:

✓ 64% increase in productivity;
✓ 67% increase in knowledge sharing;
✓ 72% increase in engagement;
✓ 64% decrease department overhead

Now a fully engaged team, fully accountable, and engaged, employees are HAPPIER to be gaining skills and not dreading how to get through another boring day. I’m happy because I have a simple dashboard to view from any device 24/7. The “implementation” has zero downtown, is intuitive and works. Ask me how it can help you or to set up a demo for your business.

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