Our Story

Our mission is to simplify and create stress-free workplace for all.

Teamknit formerly known as Intel Manager was founded in 2016, launched in Toronto Canada September 2017 and it's Head Quarter was moved to Irvine.

Teamknit is quickly becoming a key solution across the globe which drives employee productivity and employee engagement which leads to increase in team productivity. It is attracting many who trying to increase team productivity but frustrated using too many productivity tools, which are confusing and expensive. TeamKnit -- which does it all and is trusted by most productive companies.

Teamknit helps teams to talk to each other, work with each other, get to know each other and share information with each other.

We are an experienced and most highly passionate team of husband and wife from diverse backgrounds from Sales/ Marketing and Technology expertise. We are strong believers in team power rather than an individual. And to have happy and motivated teams, they should be given smart, easy and fast performing tool to facilitate their work. We have lived the prevailing problem for several years with teams and now we are determined to solve the problem with the tool to overcome their huddles.

Nick Panhwar

CEO & Co-Founder

18 years of experience in business, managing teams both small & large

Ayisha Fareed

CTO & Co-Founder

17 years in information technology. Developed more than 50 enterprise grade tools.

John B Jackson


Entrepreneur, Professor, and Author - Director for CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship

Scott Sorrell


I train sales teams in the US and internationally how to get to the top of their customer's price range

Jeff Greenberg


25 years of experience in the Orange County hi-tech community with strong expertise and emphasis on technology based start-ups