We all know collaborative team communication is essential for every business, and for good reason: without efficient and effective communication, it’s not possible to maximize your company’s productivity and profits.
It’s no secret anymore: companies need to ensure that internal communication is laser-targeted, ultra-relevant, and well-managed. TeamKnit restores all this by wiping out the epidemic of vague email queries and lazy Reply All's blasted out across entire departments and wasting the valuable time of half your workforce..
Our flexible and powerful messaging module helps your people reduce unwanted messages and keeps communication tightly organized and on-topic. Plus, group and private chats are viewed on a single screen – imagine!
Even better, you can link all topics with your tasks and projects. Makes sense, right?
Give your team members the ability to instantly communicate with each other any time, from anywhere, without the annoying delay and disorganization of “old school” email.

TeamKnit customers reduce unwanted messages up to 40%. Isn't it awesome?