It's very simple to use and rich-featured Project Manager module help to finish your tasks & projects right on time..
Track tasks your colleagues are working on. Assign tasks to yourself and to your colleagues. Prioritize those tasks so you can easily determine the most urgent activity to work on next. Track the progress of tasks.
In TeamKnit, we have a messaging module which not only helps the teams to reduce unwanted messages but also keep communication very organised. Teams able to create topics which make team communication super organized. Chat to all, group chats and privates chats, all under it's proper subject and on one single screen. Moreover, you can link your topics with your tasks and projects.
Identify, assign and track the progress of all of the activities needed to complete a complex project. Reassign individual tasks as needed. Maintain complete visibility into overall project management. Moreover, you can add cost and files on one single screen.
Simplest and organized way to do your tasks and complete projects right on time.
Our customers increased productivity up to 42%. Isn't it amazing?