Why to Encourage Your Employees to Socialize.

Did you know that the average employee works 2.75 hours during their workday? Now, I know that you, the reader of this article, is likely a highly motived, type A, self-directed, go getter, but sadly not all folks with a J-O-B have the same drive. You might think “With or without drive, they should be getting their job done, right!” Right! And, on average because each manager has such limited bandwidth we only check in with employees on a few occasion...

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Our success story! How a process turned into a simple & powerful tool. - Nick, CEO TeamKnit

It's sad but it's true that at workplaces stress levels are going up and inter-team relationships are fraught which result in low productivity and a huge loss in profits. Two years ago TeamKnit (TK) team first introduced Productivity Re-engineering Process (PRP) to enhance workforce productivity...

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