TeamKnit is now becoming a key driver of workplace productivity and employee engagement across the globe.The simple, integrated collaboration platform is a godsend for all who have experienced the frustration of trying to bolt together multiple team productivity tools, an exercise which only ends up being confusing for employees and expensive for companies.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Finance and Accounts

The Finance and Accounts team at any organisation is focused on providing accurate financial data to the rest of the business, allowing operational decisions to be made, often to strict deadlines. As the Head of Department, Emma has noticed that stress levels...
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Case Study 2

Human Resources

As the most senior member of the HR team, Brenda has a wealth of knowledge about her company’s policies and procedures. She is involved in recruitment, training, meetings at all levels, staff leave, event planning, and much more. Unfortunately for Brenda...
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Case Study 3


Sandra is new to Operations. Having previously working in Operations in the Logistics industry, her new role in Retail is proving a challenge. With numerous systems to learn, she’s being slowed down at every turn and sourcing key information relevant to...
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Case Study 4


Adam is the Marketing Manager, his team take care of over 50 clients. Lately he’s noticed that they’re not keeping up with their workload. Morale is low, absence is high, and productivity has gone through the floor. Wanting to nip these negative behaviours in the bud before...
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