Finance & Accounts

The Finance and Accounts team at any organisation is focused on providing accurate financial data to the rest of the business, allowing operational decisions to be made, often to strict deadlines. As the Head of Department, Emma has noticed that stress levels are high and inter-team relationships are fraught, with other departments relying heavily on her F&A team to answer questions and provide advice, often at the detriment of their own workload. The team receives a large quantity of unwanted emails and this overwhelm of unnecessary communication is having a negative impact on productivity. Emma decides to try a new software tool to reduce excessive emails, increase productivity and increase positive engagement between departments.

By using the TeamKnit software the Finance and Accounts team have been able to more efficiently share key information with relevant departments. Instead of being slowed down by answering multiple routine queries by email, they now use the Knowledge Sharing function to store the answers in a central, accessible space. Time sensitive information relating to Operations is now added in TeamKnit Messenger in real time, with only the relevant staff included, allowing direct communication between those involved and reducing unwanted emails. Relationships and employee engagement have strengthened due to this same tool putting faces to names, and employees interacting on a more personal level, getting to know each other through the Business Social tool. After only a month, Emma increased her department’s productivity by 63%, with positive effects being felt across the rest of the business as a whole.