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We help teams to get the job done in stress free way!

When your teams need one simple tool to start communication, kick off a project, share knowledge & files between each other, engage colleagues & organize day to day activities.

TeamKnit has you covered!
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One of the top 20 most promising tools of 2018

TeamKnit is a single source of integrated productivity tools that provide accountability, transparency, and team cohesiveness,

The formula to drive employee productivity

We laid the cornerstone of TeamKnit with the idea of a powerful team management suite that gives employees a boost in the productivity rather than struggles.

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Customer Feedback

63% Increase

64% Cost

72% Increase
Team Engagement

67% Increase
Knowledge Sharing

Simplify workplace
for all

One simple tool to run your entire business, enhance 4 main pillars of productivity and reduce cost up to 60%?

Team Productivity

No more time wasting on switching & searching right information between several tools. One tool is powerful enough to fuel employee productivity.

Stress Free workplace

Reduces stress and simplifies the workplace. It is working for thousands of other companies.

Reduce Cost

Stop using 4 to 6 productivity tools, pay for all in one enterprise grade tool and reduce IT cost upto 60%.

Security Compliance

We take security very seriously and this is why we built-in enterprise-level security controls for any privacy or compliance requirements

Key Features

Instant Messaging

Instant collaboration! Let your team communicate with each other any time, from anywhere, without the time-wasting ping-pong of “old school” email. Communicate individually or in groups with handy topics & threads.
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Task & Project

Simplify complex projects! Identify, assign and track the progress of all of the activities needed to complete a complex project. Reassign individual tasks as needed. Maintain complete visibility into overall project management.
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Knowledge & File

Who knew somebody knew that? Give your entire organization access to the vast, collective knowledge of all team members. Information sharing through our integrated wiki has never been easier.
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Employee Engagement
& Satisfaction

Business social module enhances employee engagement through single sharing platform with a combination of tools like messaging, uploading pictures and videos, creating events and arranging polls. Share public post or select your colleagues who you want to share.
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Built for all Teams

Simplifies your team collaboration so you get more done in less time without stress. Boooooom!
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Finance & Accounts


Sandra is new to Operations. Having previously working in Operations in the Logistics industry, her new role in Retail is proving a challenge. With numerous systems to learn, she’s being slowed down at every turn and sourcing key information relevant to...
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Adam is the Marketing Manager, his team take care of over 50 clients. Lately he’s noticed that they’re not keeping up with their workload. Morale is low, absence is high, and productivity has gone through the floor. Wanting to nip these negative behaviors in the bud before...
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Human Resource

As the most senior member of the HR team, Brenda has a wealth of knowledge about her company’s policies and procedures. She is involved in recruitment, training, meetings at all levels, staff leave, event planning, and much more. Unfortunately for Brenda...
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Finance & Accounts

The Finance and Accounts team at any organisation is focused on providing accurate financial data to the rest of the business, allowing operational decisions to be made, often to strict deadlines. As the Head of Department, Emma has noticed that stress levels...
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Security Compliance & Regulations

We take security very seriously!