Sandra is new to Operations. Having previously working in Operations in the Logistics industry, her new role in Retail is proving a challenge. With numerous systems to learn, she’s being slowed down at every turn and sourcing key information relevant to her role is near impossible. Alongside these issues, due to the office layout she’s feeling isolated from her department – her motivation and passion for this new role is dissipating quickly.
Through the introduction of TeamKnit software, Sandra enjoys improvements across all areas of her role. Four of the systems she was previously having to use have been replaced with one, easy-to-use platform. No longer having to contend with multiple productivity tools, Sandra spends less time flicking between screens and more time getting work done – 42% more time. Within the software is a business database where all employees are encouraged to add any valuable information, sharing knowledge across departments. This has enabled Sandra to find data as and when she needs it, without having to chase replies to her emails. On top of this, she’s feeling like a true part of the company thanks to using the Business Social tool to better get to know her colleagues.